About Us

Establish in 2013, and located along the 422 corridor in heart of Exeter Township, PA, SlugFest Baseball and Softball Training Center is a state-of-the-art 7,000 sq. ft. complex dedicated to helping individuals realize their true potential. Our facility houses two (2) variable speed, baseball and softball batting cages, a full length pitching tunnel, a ProBatter® PX2 Baseball Video Simulator, the ProMirror® Video Training System, HitTrax® Baseball Simulator (coming 2014) and an open training area for both individual and team practice. SlugFest offers innovative, comprehensive, and specialized baseball and softball training programs including lessons, clinics, camps with expert instruction for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

SlugFest Baseball and Softball Training Center offers players and athletes alike the opportunity to practice, prepare and compete at any level on a consistent basis as well as build and create the foundation that will carry them to any level of success they desire. Our professional staff is highly skilled and dedicated to creating the challenging and goal-oriented environment necessary to develop and expand any athlete’s skills. Most importantly, we endeavor to create an atmosphere where players are driven to learn without abandoning the motivation and enjoyment that originally drove them to pick up a bat.


As a community, many of us share the same hopes, dreams and aspirations. We strive to be a part of something greater than ourselves; something that offers us a sense of belonging and teamwork; something that provides balance, support and motivation. Incorporate a level of competition and determination and you have the birth of a community-oriented, indispensible facility. The SlugFest Baseball & Softball Training Center was established with this objective in mind.

In the community, SlugFest Baseball & Softball Training Center strives to pursue the ethical standards and guidelines necessary to encourage sports in a positive light. A major aspect of our philosophy is centered on giving back to the community members that continue to come out and support us. As advocates of a “Pay-it-Forward” attitude, the SlugFest Team makes every effort to partner with local charities and organizations. Our goal in approaching business in this fashion centers on the idea that the individuals we support will continue to play vital roles in their communities.

Aside from developing close community ties, our overall goal at SlugFest is to provide an environment where athletes at all ages and levels have the opportunity to experience the cutting edge technology that brings their playing to the next level. Moreover, we strive to provide a friendly, family atmosphere with an exceptional level of service and integrity. To date, this approach has proven popular among our current customer base and we welcome the opportunity serve our future patrons at SlugFest Baseball & Softball Training Center.

Whether guiding and helping others achieve their personal best or doing whatever we can to support others as they strive to improve; people are our passion. Performance and dedication drive us. It is the difference between the possible and the impossible. However, in the end, regardless of age or skill level, it is the inherent ability and capacity for growth that lies within every player. The fact that this potential lies within everyone is why we do what we do. The SlugFest Team is excited to have the opportunity share in each and every player’s journey.